Ten top tips to win a promotion

Achieving promotion is about consistent strong performance over time but, in the run up to your seeking promotion, you’ll need to make even more effort than usual.  Here are my top 10 tips for winning yourself a promotion:

  • Behave like the new broom you once were.  Make sure you don’t arrive for work late.  Dress to impress.  Be on your very best behaviour!  Image is everything.
  • Give 110%.  Strive for excellence.  You may be able to get away with less in the normal day-to-day run of things but not when you’re after a promotion.
  • Ensure your work can’t be faulted.  Work carefully and meticulously.  Don’t ‘drop the ball’, miss deadlines, etc.  Prove you’re someone who gets the job done.
  • Seize every opportunity to learn something new and to develop and enhance your skills and knowledge base.
  • If at all possible, start taking on new and additional responsibilities in your existing role.  Show initiative and commitment.  Volunteer for new assignments.
  • If you’re applying to step up to a management or team leadership role then start consciously acting the part now – without stepping on anyone’s toes!
  • Now might well be the time to consider putting in some more time.  Seriously consider any overtime opportunities that might arise.
  • Update your resume/CV; at the very least it’ll help to get you in the right frame of mind to successfully tackle the job promotion interview
  • Identify and resolve any blockers which might be holding you back.  Are there any little holes in your skill set or any aspects of your performance which might be a problem?
  • As a general rule, make it easy for the organization to promote you.  Make it into a logical, sensible and beneficial decision for them.  Make it the right decision.

  • mantoa mphaka

    If a post needs say, a first university degree, is it wrong to show that you have a post graduate qualification on top of the first university degree?

  • http://www.theresumecenter.com/ James Innes

    Not at all! More recent qualifications should always be listed first. You should list your qualifications in reverse chronological order.